Jewish Soul Music

Duo Roosemeyers and friends

Duo Roosemeyers came into being some years ago. At the outset they confined themselves to the classical repertoire for clarinet and piano. Very soon they found that they shared the same view on music and this resulted in a blindly mutual trust and understanding on stage.

During their further spreading of their repertoire and their interest in renewal and innovation they ended up playing traditional Jewish Klezmermusic. It is a kind of music that is mainly a way of interpretation. It is more than a melody, it is the call of the heart.

That idea appeared to be an excellent starting-point, as their manner of dealing with music had always been spontaneous and incorruptible and, above all, kept free from any principled approach in general. Just making music for the sake of music, straight from heart to heart

And friends
Very soon their Klezmermusic evolved to Jewish Soul Music. Less traditional and with an enlarged strength Duo Roosemeyers sets to music the Jewish language – its melodic forms, its musical ornaments, its phrase and dance-music qualities. In that way this duo provides the possibilities for the Jewish music to lead its own life, build on by the personal influences in its own environment.